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Foreign Currency

Do you need to convert a lump sum of money into a foreign currency – perhaps to buy a holiday or retirement home? Do you need to make regular payments abroad – perhaps to pay the mortgage or maintenance costs on that second home? Or does your business need to transfer funds into another currency or back into sterling?

If so, then you probably need to look beyond your high street bank for the best deals. This independently researched and written website is designed to explain how to make sterling go a lot further when it is converted into euros, dollars or any other currency – and vice versa. It’s not really designed for people who simply want to make their holiday spending money go further – our alternative sites like www.holiday-money.co.uk are best for that and contain plenty of valuable tips for travellers. This site is for people with larger amounts of money or longer terms plans in mind – and it can help you enjoy far larger savings.

Neil Simpson is a former Personal Finance Journalist of the Year and writes regularly on property, mortgage and insurance issues for the Mail on Sunday, City AM newspaper and many other publications.